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Amazing journies are ahead for you and all of us in this planetary age of existence. May you find peace balance and purity.

Love to you fellow sister of light,

I am deeply inspired by your vision and journey. I am sending you all the love in my heart for a powerful journey of awakening...I support you totally and I am honored to be a part of the journey in this small way.
Douglas Brady

Nice. Very nice.
Love to you.

Travel safe and enjoy elements that vibrate in people's soul, take a picture and we can talk...what I can see.
From a World Wide Traveler for Ancient Healing, Veronika


I am so happy that I was able to experience the first part of your journey with you in Costa Rica. It really was magical, and I will remember it in my heart forever. You truly touched me, and I am so blessed to have met you. I look forward to hearing about your experiences around the world.

Way to go Alexandra!

You are an inspiration my friend, much love to you on this wonderful adventure, I look forward to the updates from you.
Anna Beaumont

I just had chills as I began to read your blog this morning,
Blessings to you on this journey

You go girl! Nice blog ;)
Love you!Buen viaje and see you soon back in CR!



Dear Alexandra,

May your journey be filled with joy, light and love.
I wish you to maintain harmony and stay sensitive to all the subtle vibrations around you.

With deep respect and love,


Hi Alexandra,

Thanks for including me in your blog! I am so much lookiing forward to our departure for Lake Titicaca, and can't wait to see what adventures are ahead of us!

Your travel buddy, Kathy

Hey Travelin' Girl, Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a good one ... wherever you are now ... Titicaca? ... heading to Bolivia ... Humpuy !!!

Auntie Alex! We are colouring in our map of all the countries you are visiting. Can't wait until you land here to learn from us!
love, Mary (and Bridget too, but she's too small to colour!)

Hello Bliss,
I look at your Beautiful face, and I remember our playful dance in a a window of space and time. You are an inspiration in all your bravery and vulnerablity. I love you so dearly, Alex. I will follow your story. Like a shadow, like a puppy. We're we off to next???

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