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Thankyou Alexandra...I am looking forward to learning what you can teach me!!!Love and prayers, Judith Ann

Alexandra... Thank you for this very valuable teaching. You have great courage my sister...

Your teachings are with me.. though they seem more clearer with you guiding me.. and how that experiance did !! I love the clarity in which you teach me to view things.. and from such a distance.. and in so many ways no distance at all..costa rica bullet beetles you say.. oh my..

Very Good,

I have worked and lived in the outdoors for years and know that it is a frame of mind--those that are relaxed about bugs, bears and cougars, do not often have bad experiences. Good work Alexandra for getting over a big hurdle and getting one step closer to living directly with nature.

oh, you are braver than me dear alexandra! and yes, you can conquer that bullet bug too!


I had no idea there were so many bugs of all different shapes and sizes and spiders big, big and big...I need to go there!

Love the stories, eating my breakfast as I am reading...

Thanks for being where you are and enlightening all of those and us around you during your journey!!

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