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Brings back wonderful memories of a day full of great teachings. Thank you for reminding me Alexandra.

What I read today was exactly what I needed to know in this moment. Thank you.

What a beautiful story. I love it! I really enjoy reading about your experiences. I just wish you would write more often. Can't wait for your next post Alexandra. Keep safe and I will keep you in my thoughts, prayers, and heart.

What a great story! Collective will ,yes. Of course the collective will is made up of billons of individual wills and one of those is mine. I am sure there are many layers to all this. The one I am onto at the moment is allowing "thy will and my will" to form a union for releasing a Ray of Grace in my life expression.

Blessings Alexandra,
I too recently experienced the wonders of the shaman of the Andes and of the Amazon. A life changing experience for sure, I am looking forward to going back. We can study here, but to spend time with the shamans in their element is such a joy and a treat. To feel the energy of the land and the many sacred places.
Your story brought back many memories, Thank you.
In Munay

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