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Dear Alex, not oddly enough, it's the authentic you, the little girl inside you that we want to see and hear ... the curled lips when you smile, the wrinkles in your nose when you laugh, your energy and aura that we miss. Not the "Alex with pronouncements" ... we all have enough of those, but not enough genuine, fallible, imperfect humans who see the imperfections as the true vehicles [the keys!!!] of true communication. When communication is spongy, squeezable, spontaneous, erratic ... it cuts through everyone's BS filters. It's welcomed. It's genuine. When communication is too polished, calculated, and obviously crafted, it's as endearing as a steel ball ... polished, cold, steel ball. Write from your heart, not from your brain -- that's where all great writing comes from. John, your past-life husband from Ireland.

Hey girl, you took the words right out of mouth, from one recovering perfectionist to another, nicely said, you are an inspiration,xoxanna

Hi Alexandra,

It was actually quite surpising to me to read about the fact that you are a "recovering perfectionist" I really didn't see any of that when we were away together! I admired your discipline in keeping up with your notes and yoga, but I think you are being very hard on yourself!!! You write beautifully, and I always enjoy your communications. Looking forward to hearing more about your travels and experiences in all their "imperfect detail"!! haha Be safe, Kathy xo

Wow! Your blog is the most honest and heartfelt piece of writing I have read in weeks (and I am studying some pretty amazing stuff these days!). It is beautiful what you shared. Intimate, tender and allowing so much loving kindness for your innate humanness. What a wonderful example. I applaud your honesty as you venture inward to befriend all that you are!

In admiration and love,


How precious you are!!! What a voice!!! I am facing "losing" my mother and complained to a room mate from a previous life that she can't leave me yet! I haven't gotten everything done that I promised her...that I wanted her to see...that I wanted her approval for!!! Her transitioning is all about me! How absurd.
Even writing this little blurb I have tears streaming down my cheeks recognizing in you that same little voice as in me to get "IT" done perfectly and with grand penache, perfectly spelled and perfectly presented in clear and pristine order when what truely makes it accessible is the chink of vulnerability in the armor. Thank you, Alexandra, for bringing a brilliant ray of light to the subject!

Finally, another blog-challenged soul that I can relate to! Wonderful stuff, Alexandra! What you write is exacty PERFECT :-)

It is so wonderful to hear of the changes happening on your journey. I particularly love the image of letting your luggage explode and being able to let go and surrender to the freedom that brings you. Thank you so much for sharing your insights as well as your adventures on this amazing journey of yours. I appreciate all that you are discovering for all of us! Blessed be!


I feel greatly relieved that the long time without hearing from you has been from your end rather than some technology glitch that meant my e-mail address has been removed from the list.

Good work on discovering and dealing with your perfectionism. I have learned that that particular belief requires a lot of energy to sustain. The act of being gentle with myself has provided me with rewards that just keep coming along.

I look forward to the next blog entry, whenever it appears.

Hi Alexandra, brave goddess,
Wonderful to hear it....you have also freed us all to love our imperfections....lots of love to you!

Beautiful Alexandra.
Thank-you for the insights about yourself, which are with no surprise also insights for myself.
Love to you.

You are a beautiful goddess, with courage and strength that shines from any country you soar.
Thank you for your honesty towards facing the child within.
You are changing the world
lots of love and gratitude,

Hello 'undone', my dear friend Alexandra, who is always becoming more endearing to me, the more honest and straight-forward she is/you are! Congratulations! Maureane

Beauty and truth, Alexandra. Gives us all permission. Much love, Genevieve

Hi Alexandra -- you gypsy, goddess. I was wondering how you were going to handle the imperfect stuff. You communicate with grace. Glad you're getting to the heart of the matter. Big Hug. Linda

There lies a real truth ...want to find out what you are capable of...Put yourself in a extremely uncomfortable situation and see what you"Can Do" Love ya Alexandra

Thank you for sharing your human-ness you precious earth-angel! I am in awe and amazement at your willingness and ability to move forward in your travels. So what if you haven't managed to always do the "perfect thing(s)" you through you would do (such as God forbid - giving us the wonderful details of your adventures in every country). Perhaps you are doing what really is perfect! Be yourself, be true to yourself, and you will find yourself. (Hmm that is interesting - where did that come from). Love and blessings

That's fabulous Alexandra! As a former perfectionist myself (and someone who still has moments of hesitation before allowing others to see my work in particular)... I can completely relate to your paralysis. And it was through writing about it all that helped me along my way as well. I look forward to reading more of your "messy" thoughts and discoveries on this wonderful journey.

All I can say Alexandra, is that for me, the deeper I go, the more I have to dig. There are moments of expression, and moments of clearing and collection. Perhaps you are collecting to express something of a more universal nature. Let it express itself only if and when you feel the inspiration, need, desire...

There is time for everything.
Time to share and time to keep it for yourself....and might be there will be some leftover for intimate circle later (?), only if it will feel right. Many times there are deep moments that can't be shared they must be experienced.....therefore, I am going to hit a road traveling as well but in a very quiet manner (no party - no promises), just me and HIM on my way to higher altitudes. Good bless you, Goddess with green eyes without temple (yet)!

Happy New Year! The author write more I liked it.

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