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Thank you, Alexandra, for allowing us into your journey and your wonderful story... I could almost feel the change through your purification process. How great that you were able to see the real message in the process. Bisous ma belle!

Wonderful to see your name in my inbox and read your blog. "we smoked 'grass' and Marlboro cigarettes", oh my have not heard that word for a while. This sounds like a version of Eat, Love (smoke), Pray, and I salute you for following your dreams and heart; no doubt you are exactly where you need to be.

Hi beauty
Love the writings
Thankyou for putting yourself into them and allowing the great Goddess to pour through you

Good read! Thank you for taking the time to share your inner workings.
I am a fan of transparent intimacy .

You have a beautiful way of communicating the essence of who you are and what you are experiencing. Thanks for sharing this moment on your India journey.

Alex...your writings gently transported me back to India for the warmth and skill of those beautiiful women. I look forward to more of your writings. Thank you

I finally had the delight of reading through all of your blogs...and I could relate to all of them so very much! 'Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures.

Alexandra, your writing style is wonderful. Sounds like quite the life altering trip.

I can't wait for the book! I was there with you in NYC and India!! (Fortunately without the sickness).

You travel the path for those who cannot. Thank you Beloved, for allowing us to journey with you. x x I can hear your old self peeling away through your writing,and I am excited to be witnessing your reuinification with all. Much love x x x

Love your descrpitions, Alexandra. Very evocative.

May this month of creativity be a gentle one for you.

Love on your journey,

Alexandra thank you for being so dedicated to your true higher self I know when we are in tune and can sense your presence mostly by symbolic dreams thank you for your courage and lion heart take care

hello friend,
i enjoyed your writings very much. i can feel the transformation unfolding in your journeys. blessings to you wherever you are.

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