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Bravo Alexandra,

I appreciated your skillful way of expressing such a beautiful experience in duality. And I am also grateful for your own discovery of surrender and peace in mastery of honouring the outside and the inside.

Thank you so much for this eloquent writing about a powerful message.
Blessings to you.

It is a "read between the lines" cultural lesson for the foreign traveler. Take care Alexandra.......Peace be with you ))

Alexandra, your words paint the India I caught glimpses of through my brief time there...perfectly. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Take care, Sweet Sister Pilgrim.

Surrender may not be not about handing power over. It might be more about letting go of your personal need for it. I loved the statement, "Our efforts of respect have attracted the same". Every moment holds a choice. And in this instance, I see you choosing love.

Our need for control in North America is a reflection of our inner struggles. When we allow space, to breathe, to let go, to ALLOW then a beautiful flow of Divine energy emerges. Thank you for sharing your inner struggles and allowing us to experience your peace. Om Shanti

What a great way to put it – as within, so without – I’ve heard other ways of putting it but I love how simple and succinct this is.
And your experience illustrates it so well.

Thanks for sharing your story. It is insightful. I am proud of you.
Tonight I introduced my client friend to my Turkish friends who received us with great hospitality as usual; a meeting of cultures and hearts as well.I am enjoying the privacy of the feminine in their culture (we sing and dance and eat together as women-it is simple and easy). I feel blessed from within and without.
I am happy I am connected to you and can share vicariously your travels. Allow your brother/father figure to keep you safe while you are abroad. The masculine is honoured and enhanced while protecting the feminine.

I completely sympathize with your urge to rebel against all this cultural autocracy of class and patriarchy.
A recent study tells that 53.22% of the children (52.94% of those are boys and 47.06% girls) in India are sexually abused and approximately 80% suffer physical abuse.

That's the kind of stuff that hides behind in the shadow of this "beautiful" land.

Thank you for your comments Anon. It is my intention that this kind of information stimulates us to keep claiming within that which is neglected and abusive so that we are congruent and truly available to make the changes outwardly. Allied with you in heart and peace... Alexandra

You Rock!!!

It is sometimes hard to surrender to "what is" rather than they way it 'should' be. Bravo for aligning your heart and mind to the NOW that was your experience in India.

Surrender is an act of will rather than a passive act. Kudos to you for choosing where you want your energy to go, rather than just tying it up in resistance.

thank you sharing ... i look forward to each and every post! sending you love, tracy

Your words had a deep transformation on my heart.

Beautiful ending!

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