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mother moon
mother nature
father moon
father nature
everything is both

all my love and blessings to you, dear malta sister, as you continue to excavate and explore the depths and rims of this life...i feel right there with you, seeing these statues and breathing the air when i read your words...parvati is a symbol for all of us and i loved reading how her existence moved you so...to the liberated goddess in us all...i love you and may your spirit guides, ancestors, animal totems, and plant teachers continue to support and nurture you along your journey...love to all beings...namaste, lisa

A gift to all of your readers today! Once again.. you have offered a gift I can not refuse.. a reminder of the infinite power of humanity, the infinite power of the woman.

Living within cultural roles is a part of my daily life.. these representations and your exciting descriptions remind not to hide my jewels.. to let them show. For they are mine. We have the right to be free, we have the right to dance.. we have the gift of beauty, of grace.
Thank you Alexandra.

And for reminding us all to laugh at ourselves, Nataraja. To not take our ignorance so seriously. It is funny.. and once we realize that we can dance and jump about.. pouncing our egos!

Divine goddess, I say meegwetch for your words and for claiming all that she is within in. i celebrate the parallels of our walk and discoveries...

hare krishna mother alexandra,
aloha from koa'e on the big isle of hawaii. mahalo for your posts and your courageous pilgrimage. here's a nice story of lord shiva & parvati from the vedas...(this has to do with the building of a temple for parvati in mayapura, india, near to kolkata)

"One time during Satya yuga, Lord Lord Siva began madly dancing, while chanting the name of Gauranga. Parvati asked him, ‘Please tell me who is Gauranga. By seeing your astonishing dance and hearing the name of Gauranga, my heart is melting. All that I have heard in the way of mantra and tantra till now only leads to more entanglement for the living entities. Dear husband, please tell me something of this Gauranga. By worshiping Him will I receive actual life?'
Hearing Parvati's words, Lord Siva meditated on Gauranga and said, ‘Unto you, who are the primordial energy, one portion of Sri Radha, I will tell the crest jewel of all truths. Accepting the spiritual emotions of Sri Radha, Krsna will descend in this Kali yuga at Mayapur in the womb of Saci. Lord Gauranga, intoxicated with pastimes of kirtana, will distribute the jewel of prema to everyone without discrimination. Whoever does not drown in that flood of prema is most unfortunate. O Devi, just by remembering the Lord's promise that He will come, I pass my life drowning in love of God. Being unable to control myself, I have given up my own city of Kasi. Within Mayapur, on the bank of the Ganges, I will live in a hut and worship Gauranga.'
"Hearing Siva's words, beautiful Parvati quickly went to Simantadvipa. As she constantly meditated on the form of Gauranga and chanted His name, she became immersed in prema. After some time, Gauracandra appeared with His associates to bestow mercy on Parvati. His complexion was like molten gold. He had long arms, wavy hair, and beautiful limbs. He was wearing a long dhoti folded thrice, and from His neck swung a garland of flowers, which was very attractive to behold. In a voice choked with love, Gaura Raya said, ‘O Parvati, why have you come here?'

"Parvati fell at the lotus feet of the master of the universe and with an agitated mind explained her sorrow: ‘O Prabhu Jagannatha, life of the universe, though You are merciful to all, You have deceived me. O deliverer of the fallen, You have appointed me to bind up all the living entities in the material world who are averse to You. I have come into the material world to do this work, and have thus been cheated of Your unlimited prema. People say that wherever Krsna is there is no Maya. I am therefore forced to always remain outside Your spiritual realm, in the material world. So how will I ever see Your pastimes? If You do not offer a way, I am without hope.'
"Saying this, Parvati put Gauranga's foot dust on her simanta (part in the hair) in great distress. From that, the name of Simantadvipa came. Ignorant people call the place Simuliya.
"Gauracandra was pleased, and He said to Parvati, ‘O supreme goddess, listen carefully to My words. You are My energy, you are not separate or different from Me. My one energy has two forms. Within the spiritual kingdom, My original energy has one form as Sri Radha, but for carrying out activities in the material world She has expanded Herself as you. Without you, My lila could not be accomplished, for in the form of Yogamaya, you are necessary in My pastimes. In Vraja, you are eternally present as Paurnamasi, and in Navadvipa you are present as Praudha Maya along with Ksetrapala Lord Siva, guardian of the dhama.'
"Saying this, Gauranga disappeared, and Parvati became overwhelmed with love. Parvati stays in one form as the goddess of Simantadvipa, and in another form as Praudha Maya in Mayapur."

I’ll wear bells and I’ll dance with you!

It’s very powerful to see beyond what we are brought up with and realize we have other choices.

Hi Alexandra,
I am happy for your happiness and freedom reaching.
Remember the crucified Jesus resurrected, ascended and sent His Cohort, the Holy Spirit, who is with us presently. Conquering death and the promise of eternal life, is also worth dancing about. True freedom comes on many levels.
Love ya sister.

Dear M.
Thank you for making this beautiful bridge between the celebratory nature of Nataraja with the rejoicing associated with Christ's ascension. Although the images of these frameworks for consciousness are decidedly different, the teachings and victorious essence are the same. May we ever strive to see through the illusion that there are differences and find the truth of the oneness that we share.

I love you too. Perhaps we can dance for them both in victorious celebration when I return?

LOVE IT. Especially the ignorance underfoot.

Your missives arrive just when I most need them.

Keep 'em comin', Dancing Goddess!!

Love it ;-)

This dance is the dance for all on the planet. For everyone to remove the ignorance of our masculine and feminine from underfoot and embrace every cell of our authentic oneness. Thanks Dancing Goddess...Willow Goddess

Your travel blog is very inspirational - exciting even. Love to imagine your world for the few moments that i read this. Dance Dance Dance

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