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Awesome Alexandra, really great, thank you for your honesty and courage :o) Anna B.

I could taste those French cherries. They had worth, value and juicy inner sustained importance. Bravo for once again you have snapped the debilitating code and rediscovered the Gem you are and will always be. Thanks for the raw Truth from Alexandra writes.

The goddess of much internal and external beauty is bravely embracing her worthiness and inner beauty as each beckons her attention for alignment in her fabulous oneness.

You are a dancer of the finest Grace. In-and-out, both the intrinsic and extrinsic have something to teach us. It is the honesty in your journey that makes it so breath-taking to be part of. "Bravo!" x x x

Oh wow. I just had to tell you that "Just cherries please" was an intensely honest piece of work. I was amazed at how well you expressed the need to be acknowledged. What I found completely shocking was how your expression of your needs struck a cord with me personally. I too (and probably most woman) feel the same way. With the kids and working I sometimes feel like I don't have the time to investigate why I react the way do or explore why I need certain things. Thank you for sharing and for my eye opener.

Hi Sweetheart
Cherries are one of my favourite foods. How precious and timely are your words! How did you know? I love your story of how God/the Divine is romancing your heart! I am on this same path of consciously cherishing my heart as well. Sweet freedom!
Love you.

I love your updates! I think that most women can relate feeling to how you felt, and how liberating that is to get past it!

Your best one yet my dear ;-) I can relate in that need for external acceptance. It has fuelled my success in a strange way…but it is getting tiring. At least I am recognizing it now. With age, such wisdom.

Thank you P.For your equally honest response. It inspired a realization for me. When I was in Peru a Shaman said often, "We walk the path for those who are unable to." I walk this unusual path for those who have other destinies. Like, the important job of raising children. I honor your journey. And, may the teachings I gain from mine easily flow to you and enhance your life. Blessings... Alexandra

I will think of Cherries in an entirely different way from this point.


Your writing and opennness and willingness bring tears to my eyes.

"so on my way from open market in France, I passed cherries stand drawn to Norde Dome to feed my soul."

With love,

What a ride you are on!

Acknowledgment is an antidote to negative imprinting.... breathe it in!

Wonderfully written with a look into your innermost thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

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