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So have we received what we asked for? At the side of a waterfall, at the top of a beautiful climb, beneath one hundred butterflies. It will soon have been a year. YES. And he said it would happen.
Home is where the heart is Alex. And you have had it with you all along :) x x x

Well...as usual I am so moved by your words and how they ring true. I am so excited for you return home and I can't wait to see you!

Lots of love, Luisa x

Hi Alexandra,

Heidi here in Vancouver....I have read all your letters -with interest and admiration. This latest is one I am resonating so deeply with. What you are describing is an understanding through your experience, as through mine, of the amazing transformations men and women are going through together. You are mirroring the extraordinary evolution of human kind in our life time that is in us; through us! How fantastic! How awesome! You are not alone. I look forward to your return from your discovering these new maps of the interior/exterior worlds for us and with us.

Your Sister in Spirit,

Interesting that you have met all these holy men. HOLY COW! The Divine in you is like honey to them. Now with the inner peace of knowing who you are, standing on your own, knowing that home is where the heart is, really finding out for yourself what being in the Present moment is ,congrats my dear. Looking forward to sharing a cup of Chai at East is East.

What a great teaching – can hardly wait to see you and talk to you in person!

Alexandra, Thank you for sharing ,your strength and wisdom with me.I am very grateful to have you in my life.

Very mature. Wow you have really come along way. I am feeling more and more hopeful as I hold the part fo me that feels lost.

I just read your latest blog post. And this one is my favorite. How radiant and raw and empowered and clear of love for Self pours through your heart and your words! Bravo Goddess, bravo!
Keep rolling sister, you're moving magical mountains!

Welcome home......‏

Aaahhh, my dear sister.. What a gifted writer you are! Thank you for sharing!
Love you dearly and can't wait to see you! Yipee Yipee Yipeeeeeeee!
Love, Daleth

Thank you Alexandra for another inspirational catalyst into my own lack and murky desires for love outside myself. I seem to drown into the morass of negative self limiting whips of bad boy and degrading shame spirals of no love at the Inn. Only to find that shimmering light reflected from Venus sparkling deep within the still aquamarine waters of my soul. I am a beautiful expression of divine love and yet I do struggle to see it on a consistent basis stuck in some lost painful heart from past failures. Will I ever figure this out and soar within my brilliance with that ever present craving to be touched and nurtured? I scream in the endless suffering of feeling alive and inspired to reclaim my beloved within and stop the unrelenting desire to have a yoni wrapped around me saving me from my dark dragons of shame, worthlessness and submission. I call forth my inner Prince to stand firm and strong in my loving self as I breathe in this heart of mine swelling into the core star essence of joy, peace and appreciation for my own path. I let go of horizontal approval and confirmation that I'm beautiful by a touch or night of passion. Please forgive this unsatisfied carnivore seaching for his next bite. Tear me away from this black hole of selfishness and apathy. Rise into my Prince like ways. Love to your inspiration.

Keep catching those rainbows, Alexandra. May this transformational year of travel carry you forward to new heights of consciousness, and may it be present in whatever amazing work you choose to do in this world. I think author suits you very well.

From horizontally grasping the illusion to healing the longing through Source, and a rainbow, Bravo!!!

Well, well Alexandra! Here's from Christopher in the Cotswalds. I have finally been reading your blogs and love your play of words. I too enjoyed meeting you in the passing! Ah, from the library window the rains are sweeping across this wide valley. Remember it? Such a play of images, an inundation of the senses as sunlight briefly illumines the mists. Such a stillness of evening time. christopher

Hi Alexandra. Would I be AND Mark? What a lovely person you truly are. You made such a mundane Friday evening in the pub certainly one to remember. mark.

Dear one
What a beautiful piece of writing and offering
I needed this today!
Thank you
Welcome home

Thoughtful and provocative, she writes with a inner depth and wisdom of a longing, searching soul cast adrift in a boundless sea of love and compassion. Her words speak of the eternal feminine quest for equality and meaning in the confines of masculine trappings. Also revealed is the male need to shake of the shackles of insecurity and aggression to reveal a more feminine approach to life. Blesses be her words.

You make facing my dragon more open and free; liberating. The judgments, criticisms and fears get in the way of being honest and real. Writing to you, I feel comforted and unjudged knowing you have looked the dragon in the face and laughed realizing there is a strong presence underneath the masks we wear. The god-presence is underneath all the amour and clothes we wear. I want to know and feel my pure love presence tday.

Love to your fearless courage,

You are a brave woman. I hope you had as warm and welcoming homecoming as you expected. :)

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